Sep 14

Use Social Media to Advertise Your Service More Effectively

By Jonna Hill | Business Marketing

We all use social media websites to post our favorite quotes, feelings, cartoons, and pictures of family and friends to share with those we see often and those we don’t. You can use these sites to help advertise your business service as well using the same skills you use every day on your personal pages. Learn how you can advertise more effectively and expand your business with tools you already have at your fingertips.

Using social media to market online

Create Separate Accounts

You can use your personal accounts to advertise your services and you can get your employees to do the same but it’s still also a good idea to set up separate accounts for use specifically with your business.

  • Use photos of people having fun at past events as your cover photos or profile pictures. Be sure to also include your brand or logo.
  • Add your company’s name, address, and contact information in the “about” sections of each account.
  • Use your mission statement as the biography. Add in a few comical or fun remarks that make the content a little more casual for social media.

Before you post any photos of past events, get the permission of the clients. This will help you even more in the next steps.

Tag, Comment, and Share

This is where getting permission from clients about photos comes in really handy. Securing this simple thing gets them excited about tagging them in the photos. It will entice them to comment, tag their friends, and share your photos. It’s a ripple effect that gives you virtually free advertising that keeps going all over the internet. Once you’ve established these first photos and people tag, like, comment, and share, then you have to keep going. Continue posting photos when there are events and make it a point to add a page in each sales contract about sharing photos on social media.

Add Perks and Special Events

Social media advertising allows you to reach many people all at once. You can use this feature to post coupon codes, special events, and other perks for clients who share your posts and help spread the word for your business.

Online promotions

A great example of this is when my long time friend decided to run a promotion for her Perth based Bouncy Castle Hire business, Perth Bouncy Castle Hire where she posted publicly an offer. Her approach was promote a post in local groups orientated towards her target market (Mums and Dads) offering that anyone who liked or shared the Facebook page would go into the draw to win a free bouncy castle hire for up to 2 days.

The results spoke for them self. Her page gained over 100 likes as well as 20+ shares increasing the business reach and closing a couple sales in the process. All she had to do was provide a winner who got the free hire. She even made a video testimonial for the winner which was used in future marketing. The possibilities are endless.

Have fun with it and include fun graphics or comments that make people want to share your posts. Things like discounts and VIP events will only get you so far. Build the hype so your business shines for exactly what it is.

Interact Regularly

regular interaction

One of the most important parts of using social media to advertise your bouncy castle hire business is to continuously interact with your fans and clients from your business accounts. They’ll share, like, tag, and comment on your posts but the best way to keep them doing so is to respond swiftly. Be positive in your responses and when you run into any negative comments, answer them with patience instead of anger.

Negative comments will always happen on the internet and ignoring these while interacting with only the positive will just egg them on further. Answer everyone as best you can or create a social media team within your company that will do it for you. You’ll find very soon after starting that this method spreads the word fast and it’s also fun to maintain.

Get out and promote your business. Its free and highly rewarding.

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Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

Aug 15

The Benefits my Friend had from Using a Liposuction Service

By Jonna Hill | Personal Experiences

This post is a little off topic but I wanted to write about something that has been on my mind for a while. A friend of mine had Liposuction back in early 2016 because she felt that her body was miss-shaped after having children, which in turn had decreased her self confidence in every aspect of here life. Even when she was not showing of her body, the thoughts still plagued here with minor depression and anxiety.
Explination of Liposuction

After researching everything with her, we decided a liposuction procedure would be the best option for moving forward. Bellow are the benefits we discovered. My hopes is that other business women can read this post to, and make an informed decision based on how you feel and how you want to feel in your own skin.

If you have considered using cosmetic procedures for improving your overall appearance, a liposuction service may be the most beneficial first step you can take. My friend Sarah used for her procedure and was absolutely stocked with the results. If your in Perth and looking for more information, Dr Quinn and the supporting staff at Liposuction Perth City are full of helpful knowledge.

What is liposuction?

This is a procedure that will help you remove the excess fat from beneath your skin through the use of a suction procedure. It will work to remove body fat from several areas of your body, but keep in mind that this is not a weight-loss procedure. It will not change any of the factors that lead to your gaining weight. This cannot substitute a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How is this procedure affecting your body fat?

Before and AfterYour organism intakes food and stores two kinds of fats: the good unsaturated ones, essential for the functioning of your body and the bad unsaturated ones, also called storage fats.

Saturated fats can be found in cheese, meat products and in many processed foods. They are generally non-essential for your body’s functioning and can increase the risk of heart disease. Most of these fats are stored around your hips and thighs, on your abdomen and sides, on your upper arms and torso and around your buttocks. These are the exact areas where liposuction treatments can be applied. Since this fat is not require for your organism to function properly, there are no real health risks by doing this procedure.

What are the main benefits of liposuction?

Liposuction will allow you to change your appearance dramatically, by targeting the areas that cause most trouble. Aside from the aesthetic aspect of the procedure, you will find that there are other important benefits associated with it.

Little to no scars

Following the liposuction treatment, you will be left with very little scarring. This is due to the fact that incisions are very small and they will be easily concealed within the skin. Depending on the exact area you had the procedure performed on, you can cover these scars with make-up or clothing.

Almost no discomfort or pain

A more invasive surgical procedure like rhinoplasty will hurt a lot, even with prescribed painkillers. The discomfort you can experience in the case of liposuction is significantly reduced. You will find it is easier to keep the pain under control with mild painkillers for 10 to 14 days after the treatments.

Reduced recovery time

The recovery time from liposuction is significantly reduced, in general. Current techniques used in the procedure help decrease the trauma experienced in other, more invasive procedures. This means that your body will recover in a shorter span of time. You will need less downtime and will be back on the beach, wearing your favorite bikinis in 10 to 14 days.

Distribution of fat throughout the body will be made evenly

more about the procedureAfter a liposuction treatment, the fat will not get straight back to the areas that were treated. So, if your body stores more fat, it will be evenly distributed and not stored all around the tummy or the arms. This doesn’t mean that you should continue living a life that allows you to eat everything you want, without discrimination. Liposuction will not keep you from gaining weight. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and you exercise regularly, so you can remain in shape for a longer period.

There are also several other advantages to using liposuction services and getting rid of excess fat around your problem areas. Your blood flow will be improved, your chances of getting diabetes or a heart disease are smaller. On top of everything, you will feel better, more confident and motivated. These are all good things when your tackling your business and career head on and for Sarah, it made all the difference.

Aug 08

5 Things to Know Before Removing a Tattoo

By Jonna Hill | Personal Experiences

This post is a little of the beaten path, sometimes, I simply feel like sharing an experience or offering some advice here on my blog. This time, it’s tattoo removal. A service that is growing ever more popular and one that my own family has been looking into for some time.

Removing a Tattoo
A few members of my family have recently started looking into removing old tattoos that they no longer want present on their body. Because of this, I decided to do a short piece here on my blog to cover the things to know before removing a tattoo, and hopefully, help people make the right decisions before even getting a tattoo in the first place.

People decide to get rid of their tattoos for various reasons. Maybe they don’t like them anymore. Or maybe they feel the ink art adorning their body no longer expresses their identity as it did when they got it. Whatever the reason, here are a few useful things everybody should know before removing a tattoo.

DIY or a Professional Service?


Statistics show that roughly 22% of Australian men and 29% of Australian women under 30 have at least one tattoo. Of these, more than 30% regret getting it and are considering different removal options.

There are many ways to get rid of an unwanted tattoo, ranging from amateur attempts using creams, salt or other potentially hazardous substances, to professional removal services. Medical experts generally advise against DIY removal methods, as they are largely ineffective and risk leaving you with severe burns or injuries at skin level.

Laser Tattoo Removal Facts

In the video I have shared below you can see the procedure and the steps taken to remove a tattoo by laser.

As far as professional services are concerned, the most popular and arguably one of the safest methods out there is laser tattoo removal. Find out more about this complex procedure below or get in touch with Tattoo Removal Perth City where a family member recently got their tattoo removed.

  1. Understand how it works

Lasers used specifically for tattoo removal are known as Q-switched lasers and they operate at a very narrow, specific frequency and very high speed. The specific operation wavelengths are determined based on the type of skin and the location and colour of the tattoo. The laser is then used in short, hot bursts to break up the tattoo ink into small enough particles so as to allow the patient’s white blood cells to absorb them and transport them to the liver to be processed and excreted.

  1. Treatment efficiency depends on tattoo complexity

Monochromatic tattoos, and especially those made of black or red ink only, are normally a lot easier to remove. Tattoos with multiple colours take much longer and multiple treatment sessions, with green shades being the most difficult to remove. Also, tattoos that are over 30 square centimetres are significantly tougher to get rid of.

The location of your tattoo is also important. Best removal results are normally achieved for tattoos located closer to the heart, as the circulation is better and helps with a faster dispersal of ink particles.

  1. Duration of treatment

Unfortunately, the exact number of sessions cannot be determined before the process begins, as the results depend a lot on your type of skin and your immune system, among various other factors. The typical answer is 6 to 10 sessions, but the number can easily go up to 15 if your tattoo is more complex.

The intervals between sessions are also important, as going in for another treatment too soon can lead to skin irritation or even open wounds. Experts typically recommend waiting 4 to 8 weeks between sessions.

  1. How much it costs

As with the duration, the exact costs of the treatment cannot be fully anticipated from the start. Average prices start from $4,500 for a 10 square centimetre multicoloured tattoo, while getting rid of a three times bigger tattoo costs upwards of $19,500.

  1. Possible side effects

Laser removal is a safe process but it can cause various side effects, ranging from skin burns and scars to excessive pigmentation or discolouring. Post-treatment effects include blistering and pain in the area, but most of these symptoms disappear in a few weeks.

These are just a few of the facts you need to consider before removing a tattoo. Take the time to study all your options and talk to an expert about the risks and costs associated with the procedure when you decide to get rid of that unwanted ink.

Aug 04

Use an Insured Removalist in Perth for Your Next Move For Peace of Mind

By Jonna Hill | Small Business

Moving Offices

You might be moving a few rooms or a large house, or you might have the need to move furniture to a storage facility but either way you need to be sure your items will arrive undamaged and on time. If this doesn’t happen, you are likely to wrack your brain and wring your hands wondering how you allowed things to break or your items to be lost. Fortunately, you can use an insured removalist in Perth for your next moving project, and your peace of mind will be well intact. Check them out and even if you’re here in Melbourne, they are a great example of the type of moving company to look for. Don’t let yourself fall into the path of worry and instead, ensure that your project goes off without any difficulty.

When Are Insured Removals Required?

Moving Home LocationsThe insurance is on removals is only required in corporate circumstances or unique situations but there are many instances where the idea is more than useful. If you believe that any of the items that you need to be removed are important enough or expensive enough to warrant replacement if they are lost or irreparably damaged, then insurance is necessary.

  1. Learn the value of all items that will be moved before you pack them up and get them ready for the removalist company to take away. Write down these values and be sure to include the labelled box where each item resides.
  2. Contact the company that offers insured removals in Perth to find out what kind of insurance and for how much you’ll be protected when the removal company does the job. This allows you to keep the items that will be moved within the limits of that insurance.
  3. Unique situations that require insured removals may include moving items from places from which you rent. This insurance helps you too because it stops the landlord from charging you for any damage that may be caused by the professionals taking the items out of the building.
  4. Find out if the insurance covers items around the items to be removed and if it covers damage to walls, floors, ceilings, and anything else the items may come into contact with during the moving.
  5. People can be damaged during moving too! Find out if insurance covers the movers themselves as well as injury to anyone in the house during the time of removal. The professionals are sure to be careful for their own and your sales but accidents can happen and that’s what insurance is for in the first place.

Using Insurance in The Event of Damage

Knowing that your items and the removal company you use are insured is one thing but knowing that you’ll easily be able to use that insurance is an entirely different thing. Before hiring a company that offers an insured removalist in Perth, find out also how you’ll use the insurance if it’s necessary, including how long it will take to receive benefits if your items are lost or damaged. This gives you the most peace of mind, to know that you’re not only insured but that you’ll also be able to use said insurance if it’s necessary.

Jul 05

A checklist for starting a small business in Melbourne

By Jonna Hill | Australian Business , Small Business

Starting a business can be an exciting new chapter in your life. However, it is also a complex and stressful task, which may bring you many sleepless nights. If you have decided to start a small business in Melbourne, you may suddenly feel overwhelmed with thoughts, ideas and worries about it. In order to help you collect your thoughts and start a successful small business, we made a checklist of everything you need to do before starting your business.


Research the market – the first step to take before starting a business is to a thorough market research. This will help you determine your target audience and potential customers and help you find the specific business direction. It will also help you determine how much competition you have.

Determine business structure – the nature of the business determines its structure. Depending on the type of the business you plan to start up, you will have to determine whether you run a partnership, a company or you are a sole trader. This will help you put your business in a favourable position when it comes to taxes and other legal issues.

Make plans – an essential component of every successful business is making detailed, written plans. Even though things do not always go as we planned, it does not mean that the plans should not exist – especially when it comes to business. Therefore, make detailed plans in writing – a business plan, an advertising plan and a risk management plan.

Taschenrechner und StatistkEstimate the costs – calculate the start up costs of your business in order to know exactly how much money you need to invest at the very beginning. Also, keep in mind that it takes time for the business to grow, so make sure to account for all the additional costs that may arise in the first year of business.

Financial tracking – every business needs to track their cash flow, profits, losses and other transactions. Figure out how you want your books to be kept. You can learn to keep your own books, or hire an accountant to do it for you.

Find the location – location is an aspect that can affect the success of your business. Depending on the type of your business, choose the location wisely and make sure you are not surrounded by businesses that operate in the same area like you.

200452424-001Learn about registration and licences – no matter the type, structure and the size of your business, you will need to obtain proper registrations, permits and licences. You can find the information on the website of Australian Business and Licences Information Service, and you can also go to your local council for additional help and guidelines.

S_D_Product-Paragon_Frontiers-AB2964Register your business name – every business name needs to be registered with the Australian Business Register. In some cases, you can also protect your business name and use it as a trademark. Also, you can protect your business idea and gain an advantage over the competition.

Get the insurance – last but not least, you need to purchase proper insurance policies for your business. Keep in mind that businesses of different types and structures require different insurance policies.